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On Site SEO

More than meta tags and keyword research

From basic SEO 101 to issues others have overlooked, we make sure your site is tight and served up deliciously to the search engines.

Content Marketing

Development and Distribution of Amazing and Optimized Content

Every website needs to be doing a quantity of content marketing, and it’s not easy. We do it every day and have cultivated a quite talented team. Or we will work with your team to collaborate and coach best practices.

Software and Web Development

In house experts in PHP and Java

Building the efficient tools you need to scale your business, from a basic script to mobile applications to a full custom CMS----and everything in between.

Conversion Optimization

Turn visitors into sales.

By analyzing traffic and visitor behavior, and optimizing page layouts and site architecture, we find opportunities to increase the number of conversions or sales on your site.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, Reputation Management, and whatever’s next.

Social signals help a site’s rankings. And branding. AND direct traffic. We understand the nuances in social media platforms to maximize results and minimize time spent. Influence what is being said about you.

Universal and Mobile Search

Focusing beyond the top 10 rankings

The first page of search results are not the Top 10 ranked sites: Google Places, Video results, News results, Google Shopping, Author attributes, Image results are visible and driving traffic. Mobile search comprises 9% of total searches.

Online Business Development

Including Market and Competitive Analysis

Over the course of our relationship with clients, we offer guidance in business strategy, with an eye on Sustainability and Scalability.

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Pay Per Click Management Software

About SEO Moves

We are a full service, bleeding edge internet marketing firm.

We love search engine optimization and internet marketing with a passion. Visualize us just as thrilled as you watching your traffic climb. Picture us obsessed and excited about new marketing and optimization ideas. We work hands-on ourselves, not from an predictable SEO checklist, but diving into your business and developing a comprehensive plan to increase search rankings, increase traffic, build your brand, convert more sales.

For this reason, we maintain a limited number of clients, so that we can give the attention your business needs to climb to the top. We are not the type of internet marketing firm that farms out your account to a staffer. Our 2 principles, who manage all accounts personally, have been marketing websites for 13 years.

We work best with businesses that are ready for success, poised for growth, and committed to their goals. Most of our clients have done some search engine optimization already, either on their own or with another SEO company. Many are stymied and frustrated with the burden of link building or social media management. Many have received conflicting advice, and hit plateaus. Our clients come to us with basic SEO and link building knowledge, but understand that they need experts to handle the internet marketing so they can focus on how to handle the increased business.

How do we get more traffic to your site? We invite you to browse the 8 tabs above to get a feel of what we do for our clients. Effective internet marketing and SEO means examining all aspects. Our method is highly personalized, examining your site, business model, and industry as a whole, as a unique entity; there is no cookie cutter SEO plan.

Online marketing is ever changing. Our team stays up to date with the latest developments, mostly testing our own techniques and networking with a select group of ‘quiet' internet marketing and SEO industry professionals—after all, the best methods are not going to be shouted from the rooftops on every internet marketing blog. Let us live and breathe SEO so you can focus on the rest of your business.

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Highly Customized Strategies

Each business has different needs; not every strategy is right for each client. One site is a perfect fit for repeated social media campaigns, another may need stronger link building and on site work, and yet another may have big growth opportunities in Local and Universal Search. Or all of the above. We view your business as a whole first, then apply it to your website and SEO.

Hands On Work

A telling snapshot of the way we work: The 2 principals of SEO Moves, John Wieber and Julie Del Cueto, handle accounts directly. You will not be handed off to a green account manager. We choose to limit the number of clients we work with, making sure there is a good long term fit for all of us.

Real World Experience

We've been in the trenches ourselves with our own companies since 1998. We still operate our own websites and businesses; it’s astounding how much this helps our clients and keeps us in tune. We experiment and research on our own sites, and share the tools and knowledge with our clients. We know how to implement changes, and how to balance SEO requirements with business savvy.

Ever changing SEO culture

SEO is not the same as it was 10 years ago, 5 years ago, even last year. We change our strategies often. We’ve thrived through countless updates, new social media platforms, and marketing channels and trends. We attend tradeshows, read constantly, perform tests on our own sites, are members of several SEO communities, and network with some of the best in the biz.

Successful Longtime Clients

Our clients span the globe, across multiple industries, and range in size from $1m/revenue upwards of $50m. We gel well with our clients and stay together long term. We get to work with bright and motivated entrepreneurs and corporations that have what it takes to make it. Read our Brag Page with our success stories and case studies.

Focus on Increasing Targeted Traffic and Sales

More traffic, but also better traffic. We target traffic that will generate the most profit. We build on what you have to bring readily achievable traffic rapidly, and focus on pushing further long range. Our focus is not only on top search engine rankings, but on increasing traffic and conversions from multiple channels.

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