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Bloggers Doubt Proposed Code of Conduct

April 10, 2007, 8:57 am

Blogging was never really a genteel medium. It's raw, uncensored, no posts barred. Until the chaotic nebula condensed and started emitting death threats, nobody, except lawyers, really had a problem with it.

The Kathy Sierra saga made its way to CNN and to the New York Times. Celebrity blogger Robert Scoble boycotted blogging for a week. And Tim O'Reilly had a Jerry Maguire moment and drafted the first unofficial Blogging Code of Conduct.

Let the debate begin. After it has begun, begin to wonder who's going to enforce this. Assertions that there can be any sort of policing of the blogosphere is Pollyanna at best. And even if it could be accomplished, we ask again: "Who watches the watchmen?"

Just like in Monty Python and The Holy Grail, the sound of coconut hooves sally up to the Gallic watchmen who warn of twice-taunting. Would a Blogger Code of Conduct really amount to anything more than that?

In our WebProNews Video, Nicole chats with bloggers Andy Steggles, Robert Scoble, and Andy Beal, all of whom seem to have their doubts about O'Reilly's proposal. A Code of Conduct is "not going to be any use," "too limiting," and "will stifle the growth" of the blogosphere.


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