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301 Redirect

Site or page is moved permanently; will always redirect to new address or URL.

302 Redirect

A new found location that may be temporary in nature. Not always SEO friendly as it can be taken for another listing and is not always recognized by search engine for correct processing.

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Affiliate Marketing

A sales tool in which commission or fees are paid to a third party for generating traffic to a specific site, thus generating higher traffic and sales.


A free service with a downloadable toolbar that will keep track of a web sites traffic and then assign a ranking based on the level of traffic.


A program or formula used by search engines to determine rankings and search results when a search is made. The exact formulas are industry secrets and vary by search engines and changes periodically.

ALT Text

A text description for an image on a web page used primarily for the search engine crawlers such as Googlebots and other spiders. It can also be used for the visually impaired for reference.


Specialized programs for tracking web site information and statistics for web-site traffic, such as queries, searches, and time spent at site. Google's Analytics is a free and popular version.

Anchor Text

The actual text part of a link which is usually underlined or highlighted. It is used by search engines in their ranking methods. Google and other engines pays attention to the text used in a hyperlink and associates those keywords contained in the anchor text to the page being linked to. In HTML example code below, the words in red are considered the anchor text: <a href="">SEO Moves</a>

Authority Site

A site that is highly trusted by Google because of its age, high ranking, many links from and to other sites and unique content.

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Backlink (Inbound Link, Incoming Link, Inlink)

All links that point towards a website, also known as inbound links and are a major factor in determining a sites relevancy.

Blackhat (Blackhat SEO)

Methods used by SEO's that do not follow Google's Webmaster Guidelines in order to gain a better score or ranking than a site might otherwise earn.

Banner Ad

A clickable graphic ad that is placed on a site, usually at the top or side, or bottom of a page. Typically in JPED or GIF format.


A web-log. A log on any particular subject updated on a regular basis and linked to comments by user and readers.

Bot (Robot, Crawler, Spider)

A program that scours the internet for search engines which "reads" content on web sites.

Bounce rate

The percentage of visitors to a site that do not visit another page on that site.


The navigation path on a site, listed in order with degrees of narrowing. Example: Clothing -> Men's Clothing -> Shirts -> Large -> Blue.

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Content Management System. An application that helps to manage, organize and add content to a site.


A Cascading Style Sheet is the "sheet" that contains the style and design elements of your web site such as font and colors palette.


Cost per Click. The cost associated with each "click" of a link on a site.


Click Through Rate. The number of times an ad is clicked compared to the number of times the ad appears.

Canonical Issues

Refers to duplicate content, often unknowingly created by webmasters by having more than one URL referring to the same content. The URL that a search engine determines to be the most relevant or valuable is referred to as the canonical URL.


Cloaking is when a web site shows a search engine bot or spider something that is different or hidden from what human visitors can see.


The information presented through text on a site.

Contextual Advertising

Advertising that directly relates to the content of a site and is automatically added.

Conversion Rate

The rate in which visitors to a site are converted into customers or moved a step closer to becoming a customer.

Crawl Depth

The depth and thoroughness that a site is indexed, or how many of its internal pages are indexed.

Crawl Frequency

The frequency of which a search engine crawler visits a particular site.

Crawler (Bot, Spider)

An automated program, usually used by search engines that automatically visit sites to read and scan content.

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Deep Link

A link which connects or leads the user to a relevant page deeper in the site.

Description Tag

The information that is contained in the META tag. It holds a detailed description of the web page that is included.

A social site where users share bookmarks.


Social bookmarking site where users vote and rank news stories.

DMOZ (Open Directory Project)

Directory Mozilla. A directory of websites, one of the most popular and most used along with Yahoo directory. Significant weight is given to DMOZ because it is a manually edited which mean it has to be entered by humans and is not an automated product. It is an AOL product.

Doorway Page (Gateway Page)

A web page that is specifically created and edited with key words and phrases to funnel or draw traffic to another page. It directs human traffic, but not spiders to another page. It is also against Google Webmaster policy.

Duplicate Content

Content that already appears on one or more we sites. Duplicate is not considered by Google as highly rated as the original material and will be trusted less or not at all.

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Entry Page

The first page of a site where the visitor enters. Also known as Landing Page.


The constant refresh performed by Google on their indexes.

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Usually meaning a way to subscribe to content updates utilizing notifications. Common feeds are RSS and XML.


Free For All. An unregulated site that anyone can post links on. They are not helpful for search engines and are not useful for human traffic because of the randomness of the links.


A PC web browser much like Internet Explorer.


File Transfer Protocol. A way data is transferred and uploaded between computers.

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Gateway Page (Doorway Page)

A web page that is specifically created and edited with key words and phrases to funnel or draw traffic to another page. It directs human traffic, but not spiders to another page. It is also against Google Webmaster policy.

Google Base

Google Base is a service where you can submit online and offline content and add attributes to it for searching.

Google Bomb

A coordinated effort by multiple sites to link to a site or page by using specific key words in order to push it higher on the search engines result page so that it will be damaging to the company or site.


The name ascribed to Google's spiders or crawlers.

Google Bowling

A negative SEO method in which one company will point hundreds or thousands of negative or low quality sites to another company.

Google Dance

The reference to the updates that Google runs on their indexes. In the past, these updates were done monthly and would cause unpredictable changes in search engine result listings. Not as common now, but the term is still used for any unpredictable results.

GWM Google Webmaster Tools

A free group of tools provided by Google to get information about your site.

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Source code tags in HTML to indicate a sections subject. Listed as headings H1 through H6, with lower numbers being most important.

Hidden Text

Invisible text, sometimes achieved by coloring the text the same color as the sites background in order to hide text from human visitors, but to include text for the crawlers to read and hopefully raise a sites ranking in keywords. Other techniques are also used, but the purpose is to hide keywords or text from all but the spiders and crawlers. It is against Google Webmaster policy.


Hyper Text Markup Language. The programming language of the website including the text and graphics.


The parts of the code that determine how the standard text will appear on the page.


Link. The text or graphic itself, that can be clicked and in turn, takes the user to intended website.

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Image Link

A link that is created in the same way as a text link, only placing the image in between the <a href> and the </a> tags.


The number of viewings of an ad or page. One view is one impression.

Inbound Link (IBL) (also backlink)

A link that points to a site from an outside domain. These links are rated by Google and help determine a sites authority on keyword searches.


The documents found by a crawler is its index.

IP Address

Internet Protocol Address. The address of a computer or electronic device that is individual and traceable to that device.

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An open source content management that assists users in creating websites.

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A word or phrases that are searchable and may help identify a site as relevant by a search engine.

Keyword Density

The number of times and ratio that a keyword is used on a particular web page.

Keyword Stemming

Using different forms of a word on a page such as plurals and adding pre-fixes and suffixes.

Keyword Stuffing/Spamming

Purposely filling a page with an overabundance of keywords so that it detracts from the natural flow and rhythm of the text being read.

Keyword Tag

The HTML tag that lists the words that are important on the page.

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Landing page

The first page of a site that a user will visit when clicking on a link or an advertisement. It is the most important page as it will either be user friendly and relevant or send the user back to do another search in order to find what they need.

LSI Latent Semantic Indexing

A way for the crawlers to associate particular keywords on a page. It links words that would normally go together to figure out what the page is really about.

Link Building

Contacting Webmasters with the intent to place links on their site, hoping for increased Page Rank of the site being linked to.

Link Bait

Something on a site that draws other links because of its high value content.

Link Churn

The rate a site losses incoming links.

Link exchange (Reciprocal Link)

Trading or exchanging a link to your site for a link on another site.

Link Farm

A network of sites created to link to each other to build links artificially.

Link Hoarding

Trying to keep all of your link popularity to yourself by not sharing or opening up to outside links.

Link Juice

A slang word describing the trust and authority of a link.

Link Profile

The combined information at any one moment of your sites incoming links and their qualities.

Link popularity

The number of links that point to a particular site and their quality and value.

Link Rot

The broken or dead links that a site has.

Link Spam

Unwanted links attached to a site.

Long Tail Keywords

A keyword phrase that includes three or more words. It is an easier way to track a more specific search.

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Meta tags

They help describe what is on the page to the search engine. Contained within the HTML tags on a page, they hold the informational tags that do not show up on the page.

Mirror site

A duplicate site that contains all the information of another site.

Movable Type

Blogging software that allows you to host a blog on your site.

Mod Rewrite

The reorganization of a site by a webmaster to make it better for search engine searches or user friendly.


The corporation who created Firefox.

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Natural search (Organic Search)

The results of a search that are not by paid by sponsors or advertisers.


The way a user can move around a web page or links.


An HTML code on a page that tells an engine not to follow the link or a specific link on a site.


HTML code that instructs the crawlers not to index the page.

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Organic search (Natural Search)

The results of a search that are not by paid by sponsors or advertisers.

Outbound Link

A link that points from a page to relevant pages or links outside of the page.

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PageRank (PR)

A scale used by Google that ranks the importance of sites from 0-10.

Paid Link

Paid links can be advertisement links or a paid inbound or outbound link purchased for ranking purposes.

PPC Pay Per Click

A method of advertising that pays the host for every click of an advertisement regardless of whether or not a sale occurred.

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The search string, the words entered into a search engine.

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The number assigned to the page or link when it occurs from a search.

Reciprocal Link

When two sites link to each other. These are usually assigned low values.


A way to notify when a site has moved. 301 represent a permanent move. 302 is a temporary relocation.


After a site has been penalized and removed from the search listing, they can petition for reinclusion.


How useful the returns of a search are. The main focus of a search is to return the most relevant sites.

Reputation Management

Making sure that the brand you are promoting is shown and reinforced with relevant searching.


The text file in the root directory of the HTML.

ROI (Return on Investment)

The gain or profit created in ratio to the amount invested.


Real Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary is programming that allows the information that interests someone to get t them by site or blog or subscription.

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The theory or speculation that Google puts all new sites into a group or "sandbox" for a certain amount of time and do not let them rank right away.


Search Engine Marketing. Any way that a company tries to increase the visibility of their site through online marketing.


Search Engine Optimization. The process and work involved with trying to optimize the ranking and effectiveness of a site by editing its content and lining it to other relevant and appropriate sites.

SERP (Search Engine Results Page)

The result page after a search or query. It consists of natural and paid results.

Search Engine (SE)

Any program that will search websites from a word or string of words and display relevant matches for a query.

Site Map

The pages or way to navigate through the site, a path for the crawlers to navigate the site often kept in the root directory.

SMM (Social Media Marketing)

The brand or website promotion run through social media.

Social Bookmark

A way to share user's bookmarks through a social media program.

Social Media

Sites where users actively participate in deciding what's popular.


Unwanted advertisement or solicitation e-mails. When referring to search engines, SPAM is anything that causes results that appear relevant and natural, but are not.


A low quality blog site.

Spider (Crawler, Bot)

A program used by a search engine to search sites for relevant information.

Static page

A page that was created and saved as an HTML file instead of being created dynamically from a database.


A process used by search engines that delivers results based on a words root spelling.

Supplemental Results (Supplemental Index)

The results of queries that return low ranked pages.

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Keywords used when describing articles, pictures or posts.

Text Link

A text based HTML link that doesn't use any other forms of picture or video links from any other types of programs.

Three Way Link

A link trading process, where one person gives another a link to a site they own, in return gaining a link to another site that they own, on the original person's site.

Title Tag

The actual text on the blue bar above the web page. Search engines give a lot of weight to the title tag.


A way to keep track of other links to your blog or web site.


The amount or volume of visitors to a site.

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Unique Visitor

The numerical value equivalent to the number of individual visitors to a site.

URL (Uniform Resource Locator)

The specific and unique name or address of a page.

User generated content (UGC)

Content that is created and shared and published by end-users.


The ease of use by the end-user while navigating a web site.

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An industry or field of search.

Vertical Search

Targeted search for a specific industry.

Viral Marketing

Marketing that uses previously created sites and networks of sites and blogs.

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Web 2.0

It is the new and second generation of web based services offered to encourage user interaction.

White Hat SEO

Term given to SEO practices that follow internet guidelines and do not attempt to usurp or manipulate SERP's.


Small programs on web sites that perform specific tasks.


Software that allows users to share and post information on a subject.


An open source web-publishing program for hosting as well as downloadable blogging.

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XML (Extensible Markup Language)

Extensible Markup Language. Used for formatting information.

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Yahoo! Directory

Online directory, one of the original and most well known. Started in 1994.


A video sharing web site where users can post videos.

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Unlike the LZW compression method used in Unix compress(1) and in the GIF image format, the compression method currently used in zlib essentially never expands the data. (LZW can double or triple the file size in extreme cases.) zlib's memory footprint is also independent of the input data and can be reduced, if necessary, at some cost in compression.

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