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Success Stories: Our Brag Page

We joke that we live in this bubble shielded from ‘the economy’ because we are surrounded with thriving businesses every day.

And we really LIKE our clients. We are lucky to work with some talented bright business people, the synergy is stimulating. Some of our best friends started off as our clients.

seo moves principalsClient Snapshots:

Industry: Education

Hired us in 2008:

Client had done some SEO and link buying, and the business was tight, efficient, 100% online education. The site needed a redesign, on site optimization, keyword development, and the link profile needed diversity and authority. We increased the client’s traffic more than double, from 1000 unique non-paid visitors weekly to 15,000 uniques weekly over 4 years. Through the years, we’ve designed a new site with a focus on conversions, created social media presence and campaigns, and brand development.

Our favorite brag: Client no longer spends any money on PPC advertising, yet traffic, sales, and profits are way up.

Industry: Ecommerce; Electronic components

Hired us in 2008

Client wanted to transition from eBay sales as main channel to website. We employed on site optimization, link building, Google Places focus, content marketing, datafeed optimization, and ongoing business consulting over the past 4 years. Website grew from non-existent rankings to top 5 for main keywords, and now dominates the market in their region. From 1000 to 7000 unique nonpaid visitors weekly.

Our favorite brag: With increased revenue and profits, the company was able to launch a second website and business.

Industry: car rental

Hired us in 2008

Major brand website was being outranked online by lesser brands. Needed full on site optimization, link building, and content marketing. Utilized regional pages for additional longtail traffic. Growth came fast, allowing client to increase budget for a big push on the broadest competitive keywords. Client now dominates across the board, and can use more budget to further expand: Google Places development, more quality content, social media development, user reviews. Non paid traffic increased 50% every year since 2008.

Our favorite brag: Client has approached us twice in 4 years to increase budget. Our favorite testimonial to success is a client that is so happy that want to spend more to make even more.

Industry: Luxury Travel

Started in 2009

Company and website built internally from the ground up. In addition to SEO and link building, we focused hard on conversion optimization and doubled the site’s conversion rate. We then broadened to international markets with websites in 7 different languages, marketing in 8 different countries. One strategy with this site was to make it a long tail monster, which means before it could compete on broad words, we were able to command significant traffic from hundreds of long tail searches.

Our favorite brag: Each month produces over 1000 conversions from over 1000 different search queries.

Industry: B2B in competitive niche

Started in 2010

Partnered with client, built company and websites from scratch. Built traffic from nothing to top rankings in 1.5 years. It’s now a multi million dollar company. In addition to link building and SEO, we implemented several social media applications, constant content management and creation, and rich snippet markups. Company profitable within 12 months without PPC spend.

Our favorite brag: Developed an industry changing CRM/CMS platform which streamlined the sales and client management process. This produced an 80% reduction in overhead while sales increased.

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