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Market and Competition Examination

Market & Competition Examination

Each industry is unique. The perspective from your industry, as well as awareness of your competition's SEO strategy is colossal.

Since we get to know our clients and their businesses so well, we can understand the unique climate of their industry: how competitive is the market, what segments can be dominated, what keywords are attainable or overlooked, what local/regional search engine marketing opportunities exist, what countries can we help you expand to, where are opportunities for growth that you may have overlooked. We monitor your direct competition, discover their keywords, determine the extent of their search engine optimization efforts, and develop your plan with the goal of higher search engine rankings. You must understand why your competitors rank higher in natural search so you can outrank them. We also want to build a fortress against up and coming sites who are climbing. We will determine what SEO strategies they have done well, and more importantly pinpoint their weaknesses, then do it better so you will rank higher in natural search.

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