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The Top 10 is not the Top 10. Search results are also populated, often at the top, with Google Places, Images, Shopping, News, Authors, Indented Sitelinks, and Video. Optimization and best practices exist for each type of search result. Some examples: If there are opportunities to reach a local market, we’ll optimize your Google Places page. Your Videos and Images should always be optimized. An optimized product data feed will get products top listings in Google Shopping, which is free. Developing a Google Plus author profile will increase visibility in search results. Google Plus pages optimized properly contribute to visibility. Rich snippets,, and HTML markup all communicate loads of information to search engines directly through the code, and must be implemented. Properly marked up User reviews will increase authority with search engines, increase clickthrough rates because ratings are displayed in search results, and increase customer confidence thus increasing conversion rate. There are methods to encourage Google to display indented site links under your result. The list of examples is long, and goes well beyond basic SEO. We are on top of all of these factors and more for our clients, including whatever is next around the bend.

Mobile search and mobile applications are growing at a breakneck pace. We’ve developed effective mobile sites as well as several mobile applications for clients.

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