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Website Architecture

Website Architecture

We specialize in overlooked issues with your on site architecture that may be affecting we indexing and search engine ranking.

We still see both basic and advanced website organization and architecture issues with nearly every new client. We'll perform an analysis of your entire website for structural strengths and weaknesses from a search engine optimization perspective. This includes custom title and meta information, robots.txt files, sitemap creation and submissions, keyword density, content analysis, additional content applications such as blogs, articles, customer or product reviews, interlinking structure, page rank flow, page layout, and URL rewrites just to scratch the surface. We find points that another SEO company may have overlooked. Also as required, we employ analytics software and other useful tools. Though this may seem basic to an experienced SEO, there is a bigger picture that is more extensive than a laundry list of meta tags. Anyone can insert keywords on a page, but you want a properly developed site for higher search engine rankings that can be maintained; a site that is well structured, user friendly, and adds value to its visitors.

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